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              Weekly Sales

              $ 15,00000.00

              Incresed by 60%

              Weekly Orders


              Decreased by 10%

              Visitors Online


              Increased by 5%

              Sale Overview

              Satisfaction Graph

              Recent Updates

              jack Menqu
              October 3rd, 2018
              image image
              image image

              Jack Manque

              This is amazing! We have moved to a brand new office in New Hampshire with a lot more space. We will miss our old office but we are very excited about our new space.

              Recent Tickets

              Ticket No. Subject Assignee Status Last Update Tracking ID Priority
              5669 Fund is not recieved image David Grey Dec 5, 2017 WD-12345 High
              5670 High loading time image Stella Johnson Dec 12, 2017 WD-12346 High
              5671 Website down for one week image Marina Michel Dec 16, 2017 WD-12347 Low
              5672 Loosing control on server image John Doe Dec 3, 2017 WD-12348 Medium

              Shipping Status

              # Name Overall Progress ID Start Date Due Date
              1 Herman Beck
              ST-3 May 10, 2015 May 15, 2015
              2 Messsy Adam
              ST-4 May 01, 2015 Jul 01, 2015
              3 John Richards
              ST-5 Mar 10, 2015 Apr 12, 2015
              4 Peter Meggik
              ST-6 May 10, 2015 May 15, 2015
              5 Edward
              ST-7 Jan 23, 2015 May 03, 2015
              5 Ronald
              ST-8 Jun 01, 2015 Jun 05, 2015


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